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Let’s Get This Started

Written By: admin on February 10, 2010 2 Comments

As we begin this year, we wish to extend an invitation to each of you to participate in a newly developing organization devoted to helping one another in the field of crane inspection, with a focus on education, communication and camaraderie. We are incorporated in the State of Oregon as a Not for Profit Corporation, (501(c)6, tax deductible) and an affiliate of Crane Certification Association of America.

The has been brought about, in part, with the new Washington State codes, with all their complexities. We will be working closely with the folks at the Crane Desk (L &I) in Olympia and they in turn will be communicating information via this Association, as needed.

Do we have common problems? Similar challenges?

As a group of individuals with the same needs and goals, we can meet these better collectively then individually.

We already have several sponsors (and more in the wings,) training sessions planned, and we will be introducing an interactive website in the near future that will benefit all of us.

Washington State Labor and Industries has offered to host our first meeting in Olympia and we will have a sponsor providing a lunch. Join us as we begin this new chapter in our working careers. Let’s be there for one another. This is neutral territory; a non-competitive atmosphere.

You don’t buy a newspaper – you buy news!

You don’t buy life insurance – you buy security for others!

You don’t buy awnings – you buy shade!

You don’t buy glasses – you buy vision!

You don’t buy membership in an association – you buy valuable, essential services; you buy advice of competent individuals with whom you can join hands to accomplish things you could not do alone.

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